Accomplishing Goals

I have always had a tendency to start things, and ultimately get sidetracked doing something else before I finish the first thing I started, ending up with multiple unfinished projects. It may or may not be one of the reasons that it is taking me nearly 8 years to finish a book; however, I really feel that this is a year to finish things I have started, and then I can progress to the next thing with a clear mind. I already feel better with my progress so far, and I am ready to keep this thing moving!

With that said, I will be finishing the first completed draft of Blood 4 Honor this year, for sure. Whether it is 2 or 3 parts is to be determined, probably halfway through Part 2. I would like to finish it within the first half of the year, then take a few months off from even looking at it, then complete the first round of real self-editing before 2021. I will not be posting that draft, as I want to self-publish in the future, but I wanted to get ya’ll’s input and get people excited. The original posted story will stay up, though, until I deem it necessary to take it down.

I have many other things I need to do that benefit my family during all this, like establishing my first real garden here at our new place, and expanding our chicken flock, all the while raising our son, who will be one in October, around final harvest time. For those of you who are experienced parents, you can probably imagine what I will be into better than I myself can. This is my first rodeo in the kid department. I didn’t have siblings growing up, and I refused to babysit as a teenager, so I don’t really know the process of baby to toddler-hood. I could very well be in way over my head.

That being said, many things can change in a year, but the one thing I know for sure is that I will finish the first complete draft of B4H, THIS YEAR. If I say it enough, I won’t be able to not do it.

I will continue to post blogs every week while on break from writing, however. Just from the short time I have been doing this, I believe you guys have gotten a little view into the things that I am interested in. If any of it is something that you would like to learn more about, drop a comment. I am always open for topic suggestions. I want to make content that you guys are interested in. I know some things that I find interesting are not interesting to most people, but many other things are.

Don’t be shy! Let me know what you want to learn more about, and don’t forget, I covet constructive criticism concerning my writing.

Blood 4 Honor: Part 1. Chapter 14. Iylara (offline-in editing process)

Check back in next week for the epilogue to Part 1!

Many blessings,
Emma Lee

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