Quarantine Babble

The only thing quarantine has done so far that makes me emotional is that it prevented me from going out for sushi on my birthday like we do on pretty much every special day. We can’t afford that kind of stuff on a regular basis, so we look forward to it when we do get to go. I do know how to make it, but it just isn’t the same. I am hoping by June 1 we will be able to venture out for some raw fish or I might freak. You can take the toilet paper away, but I draw the line at delicious under-cooked fish wrapped in seaweed, with cream cheese in the middle and smothered in eel sauce. First world problems I know, but I can almost taste it. It’s torture.

It has also either been raining or too cold to carry my son outside so I can work in the garden, so I am relegated to the window looking longingly outside, and babying the seedlings I have under a heat lamp. The squirrels keep getting into my mini greenhouse and digging up seeds, so drastic measures people. If the squirrel population keeps going up around here, I am about to start popping heads. Squirrel dumplings may be in order if it don’t warm up soon.

But now I am rambling, because I really don’t have anything to talk about. No I haven’t watched Tiger King. I actually tried to start watching it, and got mad upon seeing the snow leopard in the back of the guy’s van. I am no PETA advocate, but I do love animals. Maybe I will get over it and watch the rest, who knows. My husband binge watched it and loved it. I stopped watching the Walking Dead on the second episode years ago when the horse got taken out (yes, I know that TWD is fake), but I came back and have seen each season up until 6 multiple times. I admit I am behind on season 9 and 10, but again, rambling.

So without further randomness, here is Blood 4 Honor. Part 2: Chapter 2. Jai (offline-in editing process).


Many blessings,

Emma Lee

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