Pivotal Moments

So, I don’t have a new chapter this week. I did manage to release two last week, but I am still technically a week behind not releasing anything today. I am going to be okay with this, though, because I am currently writing the part of the story that the rest hinges on, so I am going to take a little more time to get it right. That being said, don’t lynch me if there isn’t anything next week either. This is the only part of the story that I did not already have the foundation written for, so I am working out some kinks.

Awhile back I said I would probably be about halfway through writing Part 2 before I decided if there would be a Part 3, and I have reached that point. Blood 4 Honor will be two parts. I don’t want to try and stretch out this story and it become stagnant just for the sake of having more content. In the future, if I ever try to publish Blood 4 Honor, it will most likely only be one book. I guessing once I am done with this original draft, I will have around 120,000-140,000 words, so it will be a little longer than your usual book of this type, but split into two would be way short.

Today, I wanted to talk about different things that have influenced the creation of Blood 4 Honor over the years. I want to say I originally started writing scenes that have since been edited to fit into the story back in 2011, so you can imagine the growth that has happened since. My mom may remember when I asked for a map of our region. Blood 4 Honor sprung from that, so thank you. Mind you, I graduated high school in 2010, so many concepts have matured with me. I want to give you some insight into my mind with this post, and let you in on some of the things that have influenced the development of Blood 4 Honor.

I was a teenager when YA Dystopian novels were just getting big, namely The Hunger Games and then Divergent when I was a little older. Cliche I know, but hey, this is where I came from, bare with me. I was also a huge fan of the Mortal Instruments before book 3 had even come out, but that series doesn’t have near as much influence on my writing. Sure there are some spiritual aspects in Blood 4 Honor, but nothing like demon hunting.

I fell in love with the first-person present tense writing style because of The Hunger Games. Before that, I was subject to third-person of varying tense, and it always felt disconnected to me. I like to be in the character’s head, as if I am them, but without the horrid second person writing, which is just painful to read, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, third person doesn’t hurt a story for me, I just have my preferences. Plenty of stories are written in third-person, and they are fantastic.

Apart from my love of first-person Dystopian fiction, I was a daddy’s girl, raised by a Marine, and from an early age remember marching around the back yard like I was in a formation with my dad yelling “Left. Left. Left, right, left!” As you can imagine, my childhood has a heavy influence on the militaristic aspects. Every story I have ever had an idea for involved war and fighting. You could say I am not much for contemporary fluff. War with a good love story is a different story, however. I never went into the military, so I do not have that first-hand experience, but I try to glean what I can from movies and first-hand accounts. I saw Full Metal Jacket when I was WAY too young, but it stuck with me, namely the suicide scene, and later I saw Saving Private Ryan. So good. Not for the weak of heart, but good.

The big premise surrounding Blood 4 Honor that really got me was the topic of mind control. I could dive into the rabbit hole, and go from your neighborly wannabe author, to hardcore conspiracy theorist in a heartbeat, but I won’t do that. A light version will get my point across, and then you can go on and do your own research if you want.

Mind control really started to be a topic that fascinated me when I found Scopolamine, or Devil’s Breath, which is a drug made from the seeds of the borrachero tree, mainly produced in Columbia. It is used to make the victim very susceptible to suggestion to a crazy degree. Look it up. This stuff is no joke. A person can blow it in you face walking down the street, and then tell you take them to the atm and drain your account, and you will do it like it was your idea.

Finding out about scopolamine introduced me to MK ULTRA, and I am sure most of you have at least heard of this program. It was a program conducted by the CIA at the height of the Cold war to conduct experiments using mind altering drugs, and how they could be used to control people. It involved psychedelic drugs like LSD, paralytics, and electroshock therapy, on living people–which then led me to Project Paperclip.

In Project Paperclip, the U.S. Government smuggled Nazi scientists out of Germany after WWII before any other country, namely the Soviet Union, could get their hands on them, and employed them rather than putting them to justice. It is horrendous as it sounds. Scientist that were experimenting on Jews in concentration camps were brought in under the radar to continue their work here in the U.S. From this, Operation Bluebird, later called MK ULTRA, was birthed.

From this, I found out about Satanic ritualistic abuse and the creation of alters in a victim to handle the torture they endure as they are groomed for whatever purpose their handlers have in mind. This subject is highly sensitive, and I would advise caution when delving into this in particular. People who have experienced this can be triggered, and some people do not even know they have been exposed to it, as memories can be suppressed. It needs mentioning though, because if you have read far enough in Blood 4 Honor, you have encountered an alter, although not in exactly the same sense, but the idea came from this subject.

If you wish to research these things more, I would say make sure you know what you are getting into. Some people cannot handle the truth of what actually goes on in our world today.

Then we come to a pivotal moment, after I had already come up with the basics of how the program worked in Blood 4 Honor, with the release of the movie Upgrade. I saw the trailer, and immediately knew I had to watch it, but I didn’t get the chance until it came out for purchase. When I finally watched it, the story ended and I was speechless. I wanted to laugh hysterically and cry at the same time, because it was so on point with everything I had already researched. Most people just watch a movie to be entertained, but I came out of that one with a different view on everything, from Blood 4 Honor to what the powers that be could actually do with such technology, which I firmly believe they already have at their disposal. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it! Not sure if it is on Amazon streaming or not. I have not found it on Netflix. You may have to buy it–I know, the horror! It is worth is though.

I would be lying if I said the TV show Revolution, written by Supernatural’s Erik Kripke, did not have a certain influence on B4H. Nanites came directly from it, I confess. It also has a side plot that deals with drug induced torture to create sleeper soldiers. There are only 2 seasons, because it got canceled for what I believe was revealing too much information on things the general population should not know. You can find it on Amazon Prime, which I do not have, sadly. It was streaming on Netflix once upon a time, but has long since been taken down from there. If anyone with any say happens to be reading this, I would very much like to see it on Netflix again. *wink wink* I want to binge watch it once more. It has been years since I last saw it.

I also have to mention CERN, and their trying to open interdimensional portals. I am sure you can think of one thing they had an influence on if you have been following B4H–Spectrals.

And now for the thing that did NOT have an influence on B4H, although I can definitely see the correlations now that I have become a fanatic. Star Wars. Yeah I said it. Star Wars. Let me run down the list of things I laughed out loud over when I saw the similarities.
-Ray (Iylara) has no correlation with Rey from the Sequel Trilogy. Iylara’s nickname was chosen before the Force Awakens Trailer even came out, and mind you, I never saw a Star Wars movie until I caught the Throne Room fight scene at the end of The Last Jedi while my husband was watching it when it came out for streaming. I am a blasphemy to original fans, sorry not sorry. I quite enjoy the Sequels, even though I have my issues like everyone else with the last two movies. I have since seen EVERY piece of theatrical artwork released by Lucas Films. (If you haven’t watched Season 7 of Clone Wars, you are missing out.)
-Jai’s full name is Jai Rex Norris, originally known simply as Rex, not Jai, but I changed it after coming across Captain Rex in the Clone Wars. I love both characters and wanted to differentiate them.
-Iylara originally had another brother named Fynn. Hilarious I know. I renamed him Fallon after watching the sequels, but eventually took him out completely because he didn’t have enough weight in the story to make it worth my while to write him in.
-The abilities that comes with the program, like manipulating the air around a person, pulling items towards them, and “electric fingers” were all created for B4H before I knew anything about the force. I would like to believe great minds think a like. Looking at you George Lucas.
-Last but not least, the redemption of ‘evil’ people, and the concept that no one is ever too far gone came from my own faith in Jesus, not Star Wars. My husband laughed at me after I watched the Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. I told him “I want to see a redemption story. No one ever does that!” His response? “You need to watch the original movies.” Okay then.

So there you have it, the origination of the basis of the concepts that I built Blood 4 Honor off of. Drop a comment if you have any questions regarding ANYTHING. I am always up for a conspiratorial chat, and learning new things.

Check out the Blood 4 Honor tab on my site for a Chapter list which will take you to Wattpad. Wattpad is up to date, and Inkitt is only a few chapters behind.

Many blessings,

Emma Lee

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