When Hell Freezes Over

It isn’t much, but I put together a short video over the course of three days that shows the progress of the snow in East Texas from my back and front porch, respectively. The residual snow actually lasted until day 4, maybe even day 5 in the shade, which is why I named this post what I did, because in my 28, almost 29 years, I have never seen snow last this long here. I know you guys up north will laugh at our meager snow fall, but to us here in Deep East Texas, this is a wonderful God-given miracle!

I had audio for you guys, but it doesn’t seem to have uploaded so I hope you all enjoy the video regardless! It was mainly chirping birds and snowing dripping off the roof, so you didn’t miss much if you can’t hear it on your end…

I hope you all enjoyed the snow! Instead of making a snowman, I used snow to pack coolers because we lost power for over 12 hours, and at one point didn’t think we would have it back on until 2 or 3 days later, and I wasn’t about to go into town for ice. You can see the coolers on my back porch in the video at one point I think. Thank God as soon as I got the contents of my fridge into the coolers the power came back on within the hour. I managed to scrub the fridge, and get it cleaner than it has been in 2 years, so even if it was exasperating, I used it to my advantage.

It looks like we have no food in the house, but it’s clean! We have food I swear lol. I did NOT clean out the freezer.

I hope you all enjoyed the snow as much as I did, even though we didn’t get out in play in it.

Many blessings,
Emma Lee

2 thoughts on “When Hell Freezes Over

    1. That swing needs a complete overhaul, but we are going to do something with it eventually lol. I really want it under the big magnolia tree. I wish the audio would have loaded so you could hear the snow pattering as it fell from the trees. It was lovely.


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