Tweaks and Revamps

I love to make things, but I am also a perfectionist. Being what I am, I am always looking to learn if the way I am doing things is the best way, and I change accordingly.

You cannot grow without changing the way you do things from time to time, and it is my desire to grow.

I have spent a lot of time researching many different sources, and I have come to the conclusion that I can make better products than I am already offering without prices changing that much.

First off, with my original formulas, everything is a different price, which has always kind of bothered me, for whatever reason. I have consolidated that in this process for the most part.

*2 oz. jars of Salves and Balms will now be $14 across the board.

*Deodorant will be $14 for a 4 oz. jar.

*Chamomile Balm and Relief Balm will also have 4 oz. varieties at $25 each.

*Lip Balms will remain at $3 per tube. I will no longer offer jars of Lip Balms.

What has changed?

-Rejuvenating Balm will now be Rejuvenating Skin Repair Salve w/ Rose Hip Infused Almond Oil.

-Calming Face Balm will now be Calming Skin Salve w/Rosemary infused Grapeseed Oil.

Natural Deodorant will now contain Lemongrass infused Avocado Oil, without the Lemongrass Essential Oil. Now even better for sensitive skin!

Chamomile Healing Balm will no longer have Sweet Almond Oil, but I have added Shea Butter for more skin healing benefits.

-The favorite, Relief Pain Balm, will remain the same, with an updated label.

Peppermint Rosemary Lip Balm will now contain Rosemary infused Grapeseed Oil instead of Sweet Almond Oil, while otherwise remaining the same.

I have made the changes I have to create better products, with more bang for your buck. By adding herbal infused oils along with the Essential Oils chosen for each product, you get more benefits out of each product than before!

I am perfecting my formulas for consistency and simplicity‘s sake on my end as well, in a bid to make products the same way each time. With the old ways of doing things, I have not always gotten the same consistency with each batch, and I pride myself in making things in small batches as to put my whole self into them, hence “hand-made with LOVE”.

I believe that whatever you make, you should do it from your heart, but when things become mass produced, you lose that. Machines cannot infuse the love you have for your creation. Only you can do that.

And last but not least, may I introduce:

Pine-Tar Salve with Chamomile Oil!

I have an entire blog post over Pine Tar Salve, and after the response I got, I couldn’t not add this to my roster of products! I have personally used this on minor wounds, itchy skin, and even used it on my husband when he sliced his finger while scraping snow off the tin roof of my chicken coop. It healed right up with no problems within a week.

Pine tar is strongly antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial. It does have a very pungent smell beside all of the other salves and balms I make, but I have offset the smell the best I could with Essential Oils. You can’t get rid of the scent entirely without using fragrances, however, and I do not add fragrance to my products. It doesn’t stink though, so don’t worry about that.


If you want jars of my original formulas, you have until the end of March to get them at a crazy discount from my Etsy shop. Some sizes are already sold out, but there is still a little bit of everything, except lip balm. You can thank Beautifully Wrecked for buying up my entire stock of lip balms! She is my biggest fan who also has her own thing going on, including a podcast, so go check her out!

Small quantities will be made each month, as it takes a little over a month to infuse the oils I am using. I will make a post when new stock is available on here and my social media. Then it is first come first serve until the next batch is ready. This first batch will not be ready until April. I will not begin taking orders until they are made so I don’t oversell.

I sincerely hope that you will all enjoy the changes I am making. I truly believe they are for the best, and I cannot wait for you to try out my new and improved products!


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Many blessings
Emma Lee


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