Something New

Get excited!

As my bio says, many things intrigue me. Knowing that, you shouldn’t be whiplashed by today’s change in topic. If not, hold on for the ride!

Very few people know that I started teaching myself staff manipulation in August of 2019. (I think July 31 was technically the first day.) I may or may not have seen the throne room scene of The Last Jedi and became inspired, despite everyone’s hatred for the movie, but I had an interest in stick fighting way before I ever saw my first Star Wars movie…which was The Force Awakens after seeing the throne room scene and getting excited about lightsabers. Yeah, I was behind. Then I saw The Phantom Menace and fell in love with Darth Maul and I never looked back.

Thank you Clones Wars for bringing Darth Maul back 😀
If that was a spoiler…my bad.

To start off, I do have a background in twirling from my childhood. I think I took 2 years at my local performing arts studio while under the age of 12; however, I learned most of what I know from Michelle C. Smith, who you can check out on YouTube. She is a crazy talented stunt performer and teacher who has worked on movies such as Deadpool (and also has a history in twirling, although much more extensive than mine). I have dubbed her my impromptu sensei (‘teacher’ in Japanese), although I have learned things from a few others as well, including Sifu Kuttle, who actually goes more into the martial arts sides of things. I encourage you to binge watch his videos if you are interested in anything martial arts, not only staff manipulation or flowery stunt fighting.

I say all of this to announce that I am about to start videoing my practice sessions and start doing a few tutorials. I am in no way a Master, but I do have a handle on some of the more advanced techniques and extreme comfortability in the basics.

Now that I have started learning the rope dart through Flow Mayhem and a few others, I feel more comfortable trying to teach the basics of staff manipulation, for whatever reason. I still have much to learn myself, but I feel led to share what I have learned and perfected on staff manipulation, because you have to start somewhere. I may also add a few rope dart practices for fun, although I am in no way qualified to teach that at the moment. Something like that may be bonus content on my Patreon page, who knows.

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If you follow me long enough, you may get to witness me light a staff or two on fire.

Many blessings,
Emma Lee

2 thoughts on “Something New

  1. So I don’t think I ever got Blood4Honor to beta read ma’am!  Have you sent it out? School is about over and I will have lots of time to catch up!Virginia Pierce – Beautifully Wrecked


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