Editing Services Are Live

My Editing Services page is LIVE!

The main page has a form you can fill out if you want Copy Editing, Formatting, or Proofreading services (you can choose all three if you wish to!). If you are not serious about an inquiry but have questions, there is a link to my contact page where you can leave a comment, find my email address, or fill out the Got a Question? form. Questions in the comments will be available for others to read and respond to once approved.

You can find links to the individual service pages in the sub-menu under Editing Services at the top of the page, or about halfway down the page, there are buttons you can click on.

Booking starts today, but projects will not begin until January 2023. First come, first serve…unless you want a later date, of course!

I hope to see you in my emails and notifications! Don’t forget, no project is too small. I can also do copy editing and proofreading for blogs, but I do not do web design.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Many blessings,
Emma Lee Joy


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