Stellaria media

Chickweed, aka chick wittles, clucken wort, and chickeny weed, is available for harvest almost year round, except in midsummer when it becomes fibrous and tough, and in midwinter when it disappears. The name Stellaria comes from the fact that the flowers are like little stars. Although beloved by chickens, chickweed is an excellent salad plant [...]

Everybody Is Kung Flu Fighting

In light of the toilet paper crisis COVID-19 (I prefer calling it Kung flu) has induced, I felt the need to share a nifty herb called Mullein, or as I like to call it--Nature's Toilet Paper. Humans have lived thousands of years without the modern commodity everyone is freaking out over recently, but convenience in [...]

Viola odorata

Sweet Violet is a fantastic and beautiful little plant I have recently discovered in my back yard. It is a creeping perennial that grows 6-10 inches tall and 12-18 inches across. It likes partly shaded areas with moist, well-drained soil, but can tolerate full sun in cool summer areas. Blooms in late winter or early [...]