About Me

I live in the backwoods of East Texas with my husband and son. My imagination runs wild through the forest of trees around my home, which has a heavy impact on my writing.

Many things intrigue me.

I am an aspiring author currently working on self-publishing my first book, Blood for Honor.

Set in post-war America, civilization has devolved into a more primal form of itself after the destruction of life as we know it today, with a twist.

I have no formal literary education other than a few college classes on composition and British literature, but my years of personal research and honing my skills through practice more than make up for the lack of education.

Blood for Honor has been an obsession of mine for nearly a decade. It has grown as I have matured, and evolved from something simple, to something bigger and more complex in my mind than I think I could actually get on to paper. Not quite Tolkien in grandeur, but it is the easiest way to explain how it looks in my mind. I have written a lot, and cut a lot, but I hope that the sacrifices will be what makes it so great. In retrospect, this entire process may have been less complex if I had known about outlining in the beginning, but then again, the story would not be what it is. I never set out to write a book in the beginning, but once I got so far, I couldn’t let it go. I only had a few college English classes under my belt, and zero experience writing a book when I started this thing. I hope to do my first book baby justice, and give you all something you can read over and over again, while learning something. That is the best kind of book in my humble opinion.

Many Blessings,
Emma Lee Joy