Blood for Honor

Blood for Honor is a psychological dystopian novel with supernatural and sci-fi undertones, set in the post-war ruins of the Piney Woods of East Texas in the 22nd Century.

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“I applaud your sense of honor, Captain. Although, I must say, blood for honor is a slippery slope indeed.”

Aella West, Blood for Honor

Trauma unlocks doors, and the demons of our past lurk behind them.

You must deal with your demons before they take you out, but beware! Nothing is ever as it seems. Deception is the adversary’s middle name.

One hundred years after the Great War that ended life as we know it, war clans have sprung up from the ashes, and a barbarian mindset has taken hold with the need to survive in the wake of the destruction.

Iylara Vance, an indirect heir to the Blackthorn throne, is thrust into a position she is unsure that she can handle. Between her inner turmoil swirling with self-doubt and outside influences with nefarious agendas, Iylara spirals while trying to hold on to the life she once knew. Confused and scared, she makes what she feels is the best decision to save her people.

But things are not always as they seem, and the ramifications of trauma can be deceptive.

Betrayal pushes her to the edge, but the truth shoves her over it. Will Iylara be able to rise above the situations her life choices have brought on or be overcome by her decisions?

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