Pine Pitch Candles

Pine Pitch Candles are mentioned inBlood 4 Honor: Part 1. Chapter 5. IylaraOther chapters can be found here. NOTE: Due to the weather this week, and general time consumption that comes with self-processing duck and deer meat, as well as with raising a rambunctious 15 month old that has already pretty much figured out how [...]

Coming To A Head

Featured image is a photo I captured while trying to identify Reishi mushrooms in my backyard. One of those accidentally awesome moments, so I thought I would share the beautiful worms-eye view with everyone. I cannot believe I am so close to finishing the first COMPLETE draft for Blood 4 Honor. Never did I ever [...]

Pivotal Moments

So, I don't have a new chapter this week. I did manage to release two last week, but I am still technically a week behind not releasing anything today. I am going to be okay with this, though, because I am currently writing the part of the story that the rest hinges on, so I [...]

Stellaria media

Chickweed, aka chick wittles, clucken wort, and chickeny weed, is available for harvest almost year round, except in midsummer when it becomes fibrous and tough, and in midwinter when it disappears. The name Stellaria comes from the fact that the flowers are like little stars. Although beloved by chickens, chickweed is an excellent salad plant [...]

What Time Can Do

Recently, we have seen how much can change in just a matter of weeks, and it is actually fitting for Chapter 1. I did not plan this, but here we are. Part 2 starts one year after the Interlude, and much has changed in that time. I already have fairly graphic writing as it is, [...]

Everybody Is Kung Flu Fighting

In light of the toilet paper crisis COVID-19 (I prefer calling it Kung flu) has induced, I felt the need to share a nifty herb called Mullein, or as I like to call it--Nature's Toilet Paper. Humans have lived thousands of years without the modern commodity everyone is freaking out over recently, but convenience in [...]

The Beginning of the End

Part 1 comes to a close today, but the story is in no way over. It is just getting started! Now I have to say that I am not writing a tragedy, but bittersweet endings are harder to come by than I would like. Stories that end with everybody living happily ever after are nice, [...]

Accomplishing Goals

I have always had a tendency to start things, and ultimately get sidetracked doing something else before I finish the first thing I started, ending up with multiple unfinished projects. It may or may not be one of the reasons that it is taking me nearly 8 years to finish a book; however, I really [...]

Oil and Smoke

In light of trying my best to keep my four month old and myself from catching whatever crud daddy brought home, I'm going to share my secret. Going on day 3 or 4, I can't keep up with days anymore, and little man and myself are still healthy. Been pumping my husband with herbs and [...]

The Loss of a Friend

Hey guys. I am taking today for myself. Yesterday, we said goodbye to our Boxer, Toshiko (Japanese for Clever Boy). I got him for my husband as a Happy Not-Father's Day gift the first year we were married. 9 1/2 years later, and it doesn't seem like that long ago that he was just an [...]