Infused Cleaning Vinegar

I am using pine needles in this video because it is in my Pine Tree Series, but you can use citrus fruit peels like orange, lemon, or grapefruit also. Of course you could add rosemary, lavender, or other fragrant herbs to change the smell as well. Experiment with different quantities of different herbs and see [...]

Pine Pitch Candles

NOTE: Due to the weather this week, and general time consumption that comes with self-processing duck and deer meat, as well as with raising a rambunctious 15 month old that has already pretty much figured out how to run, I do not have pictures for this How-To, yet. I will eventually add pictures that better [...]

Pining For You

Today's topic is Pine Pitch Candles/Torches. I have an earlier blog post that gives an introduction into Pine trees. I find them to be an amazing gift of God's creation. Live Oak Trees are my favorite for vanity's sake, but Pine Trees are where it is really at. Pine pitch is really just pine sap, [...]