Bug Repelling Plants

Helpful plants to keep the bugs away!

The following plants will help control those pesky bugs that summertime brings, or all year if you live in the south like I do. Mosquitoes are a menace most of the year here in the woods where I live, so those plants are my favorite of course, but they all have wonderful benefits beyond just repelling bugs. We like multipurpose around these parts! Each section will be linked to a post on that particular plant as I make them, so eventually you will be able to go through and find all the goods on each plant beyond bug repellent properties. Follow me on my social media or on this blog to stay up to date.

A characteristic of most bug repelling plants is the strong aroma that the plant gives off.
*Cucumbers may not like a lot of these plants, so plant further away and/or do more research on companion plants for cucumbers. If I do a post on it, I will link it here.

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