Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Happy Spring!

I hope you are all surviving the pollen surge. I wanted to give an update, so you all don’t think I vanished!

I am working on another round of edits for Blood for Honor. I’ve gotten lots of formatting and images for the inside of the book done, and it looks sooo good, in my humble opinion. I’m doing it all myself, so it is a great learning experience and very fulfilling. And guess what? It’s really looking like a book now! Or at least an ebook until I get a proof copy. I decided to go with a 6×9 paperback, which will come out to around 400 pages after everything is said and done. Not 500 pages like the 5×7, but still chunky!

There is still a good bit of technical stuff to deal with like ISBN numbers, a cover, etc., but that can’t come until the manuscript is closer to being publishable. This process is slow going, but I’ve been trying to stay consistent on working on at least a few pages each day if not entire chapters.

On occasion I might come across something I can’t help but talk about, but I haven’t had a chance to do anymore herbal blog posts in a while. I am studying Herbalism in my spare time…which isn’t a lot, but it’s there! I’ve recently started a mini course on Evolutionary Herbalism that I started looking into once upon a time before I got sidetracked with Homeopathy. I still had all my notes and everything!

Feel free to check out my backlog of posts. I have pages dedicated to The Wonders of the Pine Tree and my Herbal Series where you can find my many plant posts without having to scroll through the entire blog. I also have a page for my book, Blood for Honor, which changes from time to time with new information.

If you are interested in an ARC copy of Blood 4 Honor in return for an honest review, comment below or email me at This step won’t come until later in the year, but I want to see who is interested!

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Many blessings,
Emma Lee Joy

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