Book Release! Blood for Honor

The day is finally here! Blood for Honor dropped at midnight. I celebrated with a celebratory shot of Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey at 12 a.m…..and then I went to bed because I worked all day. But today has been a celebration day! A decade of work for all the world to see.

I still can’t believe I did this. I never planned on writing a book in the beginning, much less publishing one. I was just a bored college student who couldn’t find something to read.

It’s weird not obsessing over details in my head throughout the day of the lives of characters who have been with me nearly as long as my husband. I’ve started working on a new book as a minimal part-time thing and already spend a fair bit of time pondering how things could go. I’m sure I will become obsessed soon, BUT I still plan to make an audio book for Blood for Honor, so I’m not quite done.

Click here to visit my Blood for Honor page for more info on the book. Below are all the links I can find on the different sites you can order a paperback copy. If you find a place I haven’t added yet, please comment below and let me know! Ebook is only available on Amazon at the moment, but you can read it FOR FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

I’ll update this post as I find more places you can order from. Also if you happen to find a copy in the wild, leave a comment with a picture and where you found it at!

Many blessings,
Emma Lee Joy


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