Herbal Tonic Wines

A lovely holiday-time remedy.

Herbal Tonic Wines are great for the holidays, but are good to have around at all times of the year! Like Herbal Syrups, Herbal Tonic Wines can also be enjoyed rather than merely tolerated while still getting the medicinal benefits from them.

Tonic wines are made with tonic herbs, bitter herbs, and even spices. Tonic herbs are herbs meant to be used regularly over a long period of time. They help keep up general health and well being by supporting the body and keeping it in balance. Bitter herbs can also be used in lesser quantities for digestion support as well as a variety of other health benefits. Bitter herbs can also be tonic herbs, but are indeed bitter, which is the very reason they are used in less quantities. Spices (many of which are considered tonic herbs as well) are excellent at giving flavor a punch and are beneficial to health, but are very strong in flavor, and are used in even less quantities than bitter herbs.

You can use any wine to make tonic wines, but red and dark red wine are the best for you even before adding herbs. Red wine when drank with a meal can help digest meat, and some have even said that it makes red meat healthier. You can do your own research on that and make a determination on how true that is though. Of course white wine works just as well if you are looking at flavor over medicinal value, as they generally have softer flavors, therefore are more easily flavored with a variety of syrups. Certain types of wine do go better with certain herbs, but you will have to experiment to find what you prefer.

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Tonic wines are basically tinctures in a way, but made with wine rather than liquor (which makes them less strong, giving you the ability to drink more of it without side effects). The time it takes to make a tonic wine varies, however, depending on the herbs you include. Stronger herbs will take less time to infuse. If left too long, the wine may become too strong to enjoy as a drink.

Herbal wines can be made by fermenting herbs in the process of actually making the wine, which is pretty easy if you have the right equipment. However, many medicinal qualities may be lost during the fermentation process. I will get into that at a later date.

Keep reading below for instructions to make your own Tonic Wine.

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