Herbal Powders, Pills, and Capsules

Another convenient way to take herbal remedies.

Powdered herbs are merely dried herbs that have been ground down into a fine powder. Powdering herbs makes them easy to turn into herbal pills or capsules that can be taken alongside other vitamins and whatnot that you might take every day. If you regularly take anything, I suggest getting one of those weekly pill boxes. They are amazing at making your herbal pills and capsules that much easier to remember to take.

Powders can also be sprinkled on food or taken in water.

Pills and capsules are easy to make, and you can even get the kids in on the action. Pills do not need casings, but you will need to look for capsule casings before you get started making your capsules. They are easy to find online and at health food stores. These remedies do take a little time and persistence to make, but as with every remedy, it is worth it.

I believe that if you make something with love and good intentions, you make a stronger remedy. Same basis that the saying “never cook dinner mad” comes from. The vibes you are putting off effect everything around you.
So chill and enjoy the process!

Making Herbal Pills:

***To powder your herbs, a cheap coffee grinder works great, or you can do it the old-fashioned way with a mortar and pestle. The finer the better!
-Put powdered herbs in a bowl and add enough water and honey (or maple syrup) to make a paste. This can get messy. Be prepared. *I would venture to say you could replace the water with a tincture of your choice. Experiment, and don’t forget to share the greatness you may discover in the comment section!
-Essential oils like wintergreen and peppermint are great additions to add some flavor. Only a drop or two though! You can of course choose essential oils that enhance the medicinal benefits that you are looking for as well.
-Thicken the mixture with unsweetened cocoa powder, or something similar (licorice can also be used), to make a thick and smooth paste. Knead it until it is as smooth as bread dough.
-Break off small bits and roll into balls, the size of pills. You need to be able to swallow them easily. Keep in mind the intended taker. They may need to be smaller if made for children or elderly people. You can roll finished pill in cocoa powder to finish off if you want.
-Pills need to be dried in a dehydrator or in an oven below 150 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer, you can also sun-dry your pills!
-Once dried, pills will store indefinitely. Store in glass jars in a cool, dark spot.

Check out my Dosage post for info on dosage.

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